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unless "they" and "them" used as singular pronouns was a political statement back in 2003 among certain groups of Internet users, me using those pronouns that way has nothing to do with the current trend of doing so.

it's weird to see them in a political context because they don't belong in that slot in my brain. it was just a necessity when you had to mention another user and the sex wasn't obvious.

the lights in the office building next to my place just switched off

it's 01:57


not sure if having a hobby is universal, though i guess it depends on what you define a hobby as...

"do you have any hobbies?"

"uh, i like to eat and take showers."

if i had kids, i'm not sure i'd give them tech unless they insisted on it. which they probably would.

if you have computers as a hobby but do something else for a living, i'd say keep it that way.

ads for school supplies are always cutesy.

sending your kid to the indoctrination camp, yes, very cute

this person is good at the language: women: 🤷‍♂️

this person sucks at it: women: 😍

what the f

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