this track that i helped some other people make at age 15 or so, it's pretty true of life


look at that nice "dresser" commode there

we are some tough cool boy crazy boys

we are some tough cool boy crazy boys

look at that nice dresser there

we can have some fun with that

hell yeah

wanna do "carpentry" with us?

i'm not like that.

"you can be that way, you know!"

"nah, respect."

but it's nice if you can join. this'll be cool.

okay, fine, where do we hammer?

"kommoden til leitern" - the commode of the guy who is looking

but mama doesn't let me!

"does she know?"

"n'aight, respect. i get it."

we are some tough cool boy crazy boys.


Eddie Murphie logic, right?

i consider Eddie Murphie to be pretty damned smart.

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i know this is a joke, but that guy looks confident and relaxed.

this is a very cheap white wine that i buy. it's carefully chosen. it tastes good and has high alcohol content. but not too high. vodka is more or less pure alcohol but it's too much. beer is too little. whisky tastes like gasoline and leather. i do like whisky a bit, but if the task is to relax a bit, by drinking steadily, with a bit of fruitiness to it, wine seems to accomplish that. a lot of bohemian types seem to think the same way.

tell me how this is not art

a remix of hip-hop and pop culture

i made this remix. do i understand music?

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance


another 90s track i liked as a kid

i mean yes, it's pop, call it cheesy all you want

but it's a good piece of craft. they nailed the craft.

and in some ways, the unreal nature of it feels prescient. weirdo kid in an unstable reality, looking at his personal device.

that's our reality today, isn't it?

that kid took no bs did he

as a kid, i was handed this album, by the group Prodigy.

the biggest track from that album was Firestarter:

my sister, at the time, said, "ew you like those guys?"

well, i did.

i saw a guy with sunglasses and a briefcase entering this place the other day. i really hope it's some kind of a joke or setup, and not the level at which the Norwegian intelligence community operates 😆

i like how confident my cat is about pushing doors open - he just kind of barges in head first. feels like a person is entering the room.

a lot of things in life are like this, except they'll tell you it's different to mess with you

i have this logo and a domain name. maybe that's the name of the studio. Tigerville Studios.

there's something to this, but i'd put anything that has a shape on the same side as the splotches of colour. these might not literally be on the left or right side of the brain, but they're definitely two complementary sides to the mind.

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