for some reason, whenever i think of "contemporary person", i think of Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. it no longer exists, but it was basically a giant unauthorised condo / shanty town kind of thing and it was just humans trying to survive in a highly urban environment.

as far i'm concerned, that place embodied human ingenuity and improvisation, and everything any well-ordered government will try to suppress and regulate. it worked as long as nobody told the authorities.

in some respect, what differentiates the left from the right, at least conventionally, is how much faith you have in the government improving things. if you think the government just ruins everything, why on earth would you vote left, unless it was some anarchist thing? on the other hand, if you think the government will sort things out, why would you ever vote right?

the position i have the most trouble understanding is the anarchist left

all right, so you think things are unfair, and they shouldn't be

well, we better sort that out then

oh, you mean we're supposed to do that with no force?

ah, that's where i stop believing in you. i don't think we've got it in us to be fair.

if you want fairness, there must be force. thus, left anarchism is invalid.

you've got to pick between left authoritarianism, right authoritarianism or right anarchism.

left anarchism is just wishful thinking.

>i don't think we've got it in us to be fair.
How do you know?

@thor my "best" regret is that didn't had the chance to visit the kowloon walled city as I moved to hongkong too late.
(the old kai tak airport as well.

@pfelelep no Kowloon Walled City plus authoritarian Chinese regime? a much less appealing Hong Kong if you ask me...

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