toilet paper: fold or crumple?

i see where this is going

people who fold toilet paper are normies

you need to crumple to be sufficiently rebellious

@thor :boost_requested: these are the questions society should be asking! :boost_anim_vanilla:

@thor You can actually tell if you are in crumble or folding territory. Countries in which the paper is crumbled, like the US or Thailand, have much thinner toilet paper than we have in (most of?) Europe.

@proedie i checked the dictionary for "crumple" before i posted

the definition for "crumble" is completely different

@thor Hahaha. You're right. My bad. I meant crumple.

@shark so, you're either in a country where every bathroom has a bidet, or you're wiping with a wet cloth on a stick...

@KayFaraday @shark can't say what i consume has ever affected the need for wiping. there's always something to wipe, no matter what i've been eating that week.

@KayFaraday @shark with that, my mother was a nurse assistant, and as she so bluntly put it: your butt is supposed to have a bit of shit. it's not supposed to be 100% clean.

@thor @KayFaraday @shark No like a bidet, but usually just a hose because it really doesn't need to be fancy.
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