the Norwegian Minister of Energy expressed frustration at the general public in an interview recently. everyone wants more affordable electricity, he said, but no one wants new hydropower, no one wants wind power on land and no one wants it at sea [and nuclear and coal are completely out of the question, and the country isn't ideal for solar].

i mean, the man has a point. it has to be generated somehow, but how do you do that without disrupting ecosystems? the reason people don't want more hydro or wind is because they disrupt the environment and ruin the scenery (which is a major asset of Norway).

even transporting the power is troublesome. no one wants giant power cables crossing a beautiful fjord. also, even the cruise tourism is a bit of a problem because cruise ships are dirty. i have heard that there are fjords with smog problems because of them.

Norway has more of a NIOF (Not In Our Fjord) problem than a NIMBY one...

At some point people will have to accept the less bad by that moment, before someone chooses for them.
Which is in fact what will happen in the end anyhow.

But I think it's very good that they express that care about the environment and the landscape.

@thor where I live, it's the giant power cables causing discussion and not for them not to exist but for them to be underground rather than above ground. It's possible to come up with solutions not messing with people's backyards if one is willing to pay for it.

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