i had to pretend i was searching for a news article to track down the name of that site that a lot of the geeky YouTubers are on - Nebula

every other search i tried didn't mention it.

i haven't seen them promote it lately, so i'm wondering how that's going for them.

ahh, so that's why the people who are on Nebula will so often also advertise Curiosity Stream, and why i got them conflated

i had a subscription for Curiosity Stream back when it was new, but i didn't watch it *that* much, so i dropped it.


if Nebula was my sole video streaming service, it would *heavily* overlap with what i follow on YouTube, so i'd do all right without YouTube.

but i would miss *some* stuff.

and i don't feel i'm missing much by not subscribing to Nebula, sooo...

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