spoke to a woman at the maker space who says she likes Linux more than macOS. after a while, it became apparent that she wasn't responsible for maintaining the computer. her boyfriend was. it's easy to say you like an OS if you're not the sysadmin...

@thor Did she say she runs one of those less stable distros? Like Arch? Why not just install a plug-and-play OS like Mint or Pop and feel more independent? I don't understand the problem. I think most people shouldn't have to be sysadmin to use their computer.

In the case of proprietary software like MacOS your sysadmin is Apple itself. If I needed a sysadmin I wish it was at least someone I know.

@SuperDicq @thor You don’t really need to maintain your computer, it’s just a matter of updating. Or perhaps I’ve been using my computer wrong? Yeah, it's basically stuff like updating, making backups and troubleshooting if something ever breaks.

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