trippy video about copy-paste music composition:

his videos are childish yet bizarre enough to make you feel uncomfortable, but i think that's probably a good thing.

his videos are pure art.

@thor hm. i think people were doing something kind of like that in orca.

you can do it in bespoke and vcv too, hooking the clocks up to a router and having it select a random sequencer whenever the last one finishes :theunbullied:

@icedquinn that guy is in such a childlike mode when creating, i know a guy like that here in Norway, they're incredibly special people.

@icedquinn the guy i know did advertising signage, but on his spare time, he was also making a game. not having a clue about code, he just used whatever no-code and low-code tools he could want and put them together in creative ways to get what he wanted. he doesn't care what stuff was originally designed for.

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