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if you're going to create an account on, it will ask for a reason to join. this is to tell spammers apart from genuine users.

the ideal answer is anything that a spammer is unlikely to know. you could write something specific that you know about me, for example.

on the off chance that you're checking your timeline right now

i'm here to tell you that you have succeeded in this task.

mistakes were made

also, they continue to be made

after having thought long and hard about it, i've come to the conclusion that you don't always have to complete a s

This little mischief maker decided to play hide-n-seek... without telling us! After 15 minutes of searching the house top to bottom, we finally found her peacefully napping inside of our dirty laundry hamper! 🧺 #cat #photography #sonyalpha

maybe the reason i so often notice that the light goes green before other people do is my impatience

it's torture waiting for a traffic light to go green and it can't happen soon enough

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living in a city, i can't count the times when i was the first to notice that the light went green

you'll have people literally watching the light and they fail to notice it went green for a good 2 seconds

thing that probably happens more often than you think: you make a mistake and no one else was paying attention either so neither you nor they noticed

must resist temptation to make dick joke when speaking about "long and secure" passwords

in the category of "memes you go to hell for posting"

world hide-and-seek champion

if honesty was such a boon, letting the bastards know what you REALLY think about them would lead to world peace

you have gravely underestimated my ability to say unpopular things

arguing against anything that smells like a cloud is of course what you'd expect out of the average fedi user

there might be the teesy weensy possibility that perhaps, on the chance that i'm ever so slightly mistaken


the computer programmer is expected to solve every problem known to man, is offered a zero-day deadline, is given no funding, and is offered no advice, so tell me again what you're complaining about?

if you have trust issues, go see a psychologist

if you have thrust issues, go see a surgeon

if you have issues in general, this is why programmers exist

if a Norwegian girl comes to me and then proceeds to correct an error i made while speaking Norwegian, she might be the one...

waiting for the day when they'll come knocking on my door for correcting minor language mistakes

the main reason i try to stay out of politics is that the other party generally tends to lose the argument and resort to insults.

i'm just describing my experience. it's not an attempt to brag about my own intelligence. it's just what typically happens.

currently disagreeing with like 4 different very smart people - and no one's angry and everyone is applying reason and common sense - and if all political discussions functioned like this, i'd probably take part in them a bit more frequently

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