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if you're going to create an account on my instance, it will ask for a reason to join. this is to tell spammers apart from genuine users.

the ideal answer is anything that a spammer is unlikely to have the time and energy to come up with. it doesn't have to be long. it just has to be good.

living beings exist
but what for
nobody knows
they just do

teach your pet to play chess. then keep losing against your pet...

"i'm supposed to be the sapient one here, Fluffles."

fluffles: meow!

you: oh don't you fool me

a more modern bulb socket might leave the control electronics and power supply for smart bulbs in the lamp holder, with only the LEDs living in the bulb itself. it would be less wasteful. with modern smart bulbs, you're throwing away an entire power supply and control board each time you change a bulb.

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baking cake at 3400°C (i am baking yellowcake inside a nuclear reactor)

i think i will gradually migrate my bulbs from Philips Hue to IKEA Trådfri as they die. they're cheaper and should be compatible with the Hue hub since they're Zigbee bulbs too, except much cheaper. people have had mixed success with it according to the Internet, but on paper, it should work.

the colours from the iPhone camera get really weird at times when i try to colour balance them - it would probably be less of a problem with a professional camera - but i was taking this from bed and phones don't have professional cameras in them

my mouth: 🧐

my micro business: 😊

my career and finances: 💀

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