Norwegian comic strip

"i like comics but not superheroes really"

"why do all the superpowers have to be so *destructive*? what about just managing to produce an intensively tasty two-layer chocolate cake?"

"— or just remembering birthdays, knowing what to say in the moment, and not when it's too late"

"remaining polite and maintaining your dignity even when you don't feel like it."

"you had me at 'chocolate cake'."

CW: poking fun at how Nordic languages sound

Norwegian: kreksen deksen sin?
Danish: *incoherent mumbling*
Swedish: ääääää
Finnish: hÿvahaikasset uttäissan karkele!!! *knife stab*
Icelandinc: iþlar halloður idlir putla?

2nd best photo i ever took of Blizzard

i was trying to walk him and he was always uncomfortable about that

but for a moment, he posed beautifully among the autumn leaves on a neighbour's lawn and...

i really need a place where i can just be alone. unbothered. in peace and quiet.

"eyelash" sounds painful if you misinterpret "lash"

rock slide on the E18 motorway near the town of Larvik in Norway, from 2019

cruise ships are one of the best ways of seeing Norway as a tourist.

but i hear they're highly unpopular with the locals.

the tourists walk all over the town they're visiting, crowding it, don't leave any money for local businesses, yet still leave a mess, and treat the town like some sort of zoo or theme park.

the ships are also noisy and they pollute the fjords.

below is a sign that somebody stuck on a lamp post in Oslo.

når man er IT-arbeider og ikke klarer å være diplomatisk

"enhver idiot klarer dette. det gjør du og!"

IT friend of mine — who works on Microsoft stuff — just shared this most excellent UI translation...

"Are you sure you want to abandon this app?"

buttons: [Vacation] [Don't leave]

sure, i'd like a vacation 😂

i usually post cute photos of Blizzard but this the the demon version i see of him on most days

when your suicidal friend had a bad day and you can't reach him

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