I know people who have been programmers, software developers and like academics for 20+ years and a common theme when I talk to them is that they long for more menial jobs, even as simple as being postmen, just go get away from the monotonous everyday and dreary office politics.

The decision to block certain domains has been reversed. There are no longer any domain blocks on this server.

If you wish to live on a Fediverse server that is hosted with a European provider (Hetzner) in a Nordic country (Finland), but isn't for people who live in a particular country, and has some snazzy extra features that stock Mastodon lacks, berserker.town might be the place for you.

me: *trying to not take it personally when a follower registers on berserker.town but never uses the account*

also me: :ablobcatcry:

No one should ever work... In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working.
-- Bob Black

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it would be nice if Mastodon and Pleroma actually told you that you can paste links to posts into the search bar to fetch and interact with them locally.

i find it much easier to remote follow people that way. just pick a random post of their from the timeline and paste it to your instance and click through to their profile to follow them.

christianity spiritually lobotomized the west fr

All human action is meant to remove an uneasiness.

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