christianity spiritually lobotomized the west fr

All human action is meant to remove an uneasiness.

I mean you can say whatever you want but that doesn’t mean there won’t be repercussions

To actually speak freely I do think anonymity is necessary

It's June.

I take a middle path on homosexuality: my anarchist-hippie side says that we should leave gay people alone, but not force the majority to deal with a minority issue.

That is, DADT expanded to "don't ask, don't tell, and don't let anyone else ask or tell" (DADTADLAEAOT).

Your sexuality is your business, between you and fate and whatever gods you have.

Your pride parades need to go away, but so do the people who want to hunt down and harm our homosexuals.

LatinX Central and South Americans
ChinX Chinese
MX Irish

Which is the worst?

Have you thought maybe Democracy IS the problem?

We coexist with people who are retarded in average. They will always pick the worst options available and we must submit to their decisions.

Just look the US right now, Biden was president to "prevent" Trump, not because he's smart or mentally well. France elected Macron to prevent Marine Le Pen, not because people are OK with him.
Three centuries ago, people under Non-Democratic systems would revolt if the ruling class mess their private lives or raise a dime on taxes. Rulers used their own money for their own larvish lifestyle.

What happened then?

Under Democracy, governments use OUR money, make us owner of THEIR debt, print paper money all day, and raise taxes because "rich people bad". They also make laws every single day to tell us what are we allowed to do in our life, our home, our room or about our kids.

Rulers never enjoyed more power in history than Democratic countries.
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