Sigh. One of my friends was ribbing me (electronically) about how getting me out of the house is a major undertaking these days--I said given she'd just said she had a nasty cold that knocked her out all weekend, she wasn't exactly selling me on the idea! But then half an hour later she texted me that she tested positive for COVID. 😩​ She's vaxed and should just have a couple more days of cold ahead of her, but dang.

Yup, I'm going to keep going with being a digital AI with a keyboard attached, for the next while. I haven't had even a cold in over 2 years, and I'm enjoying that very much, thanks. Maybe I'm not real; but I'm not sick either.

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Once... they were cars and trucks.
Now... they're still cars and trucks.

(yes, by me; share away)

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i've been patiently waiting for almost a year to post this

Now in packing mode. As soon as I can take a break from work... Moving to another part of the country is challenging, and the whole process is disorienting.

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i'm trying to start out with a very basic kind of business locally here in Oslo, just to make some money at all, as an alternative to a day job, which i don't want.

IT support
Network engineering
Audio/video systems
Streaming and teleconferencing
Audio/video production

it's basically a kind of "i'll take any kind of gig i'm capable of taking" kind of deal, and i'm flexible about compensation. i have to be. i'm trying to break my shackles to operate independently, so i can't be too picky. it's a much less formal affair than i was going for before, but also more social. more direct contact with people.

i can't share contact info on my public feed, but DM me if any of this sounds interesting to you.

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i'm almost out of cat food.

i was busy making friends and i forgot to buy food for the cat.

and the welfare system in Norway isn't providing enough to let me network and feed my cat.

i'm fine being hungry, but it's days until i have money again, and i don't want my cat to starve.

DM me if you want to help feed my cat.

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“Google lets personal users stay on ‘no-cost Legacy G Suite’ with custom Gmail domain”

Google had been saying for a while that people who signed up for free G Suite for personal use in the past would have to shift to using a paid account. A lot of people were (understandably) distressed about that. So I’m glad to see that Google has decided to let people keep using their personal-use G Suite accounts for free.

hoo boy. No rest for the wicked! Too many things that Need to be Done Now. 💥​

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i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

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@gamer no kidding, particularly with changes in font!! I *think* that since the single downslash is "no", the same more vertical downslash with the tick mark is "so", while the more horizontal stroke and the tick mark higher up is "n"? So as the angle the two strokes makes moves up, it's "n"? Maybe. --oh actually, here's a picture with both! Rental cycles (top line), with black something soft rim (in the lower sign). Maybe that'll help me remember it. 😂​

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hi yes how the fuck do i distinguish シ from ツ and ン from ソ

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Here's a thread of polls on abortion; everyone of any gender should be able to participate.

Boosts are encouraged and appreciated, to get the polls out and circulating outside of our usual nonbinary bubble.

If you identify as more than one, e.g. nonbinary man, genderfluid cis man/trans woman, vote in as many polls as you feel apply.

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tbh I begin to think is one of the more subversive anime pieces I've seen. It starts slow, highly silly, takes a while to get into; but the core is a kid wanting not to be a village leader (Naruto), save the girl (Bleach), or be the savior of his country or the world (several of the Fates, possibly Black Clover), with all that entails--he wants to be the pirate king, the man who is the free-est on earth. At the core of it is the desire to Not play by the rules.

All along the way there is a recurring theme of doing your own thing, not letting people tell you what you are or who you should be. There's the usual not-giving-up themes, of course! The usual "work hard to get strong", justice and integrity and the importance of looking after your friends themes are all there.

But there is a recurring sarcasm about government, societal structures, that you just can't miss. From the statements about the world government (think UN) meeting, where "the strong countries say nothing and glare at each other, and let the weaker countries fight it out for them" (::cough::), or the blind general Issho confirming he doesn't just want to overturn the villains' power, he wants to overturn the *system*. And when Garp in surprise argues the system doesn't need overturning, Issho says basically, "That's the view of someone who's never been hungry or poor, who's never seen their lives ignored or discounted." Privilege, in your face. The commentary about today's world is surprisingly blatant.

I mean, let's not even get into the gender-bending throughout the show, and the comfort everyone has with that. :ablobsunglasses:

I appreciate that with over 1,000 episodes there's going to be a lot of everything in One Piece, but this does seem like a more direct critique of society than a lot of other (shonen) shows.

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You are going to have to unpack "predictive power".
E.g.: Which statement is true more of the time: "This coin will land either heads or tails up"? or "This coin will land heads up"?
Which one has more "predictive power"?
When we've answered that, there are a few more questions I have about "predictive power"...

My dad was a one-issue evangelical voter on abortion (pro-life). He was wrong. He did not come out equally strongly in favor of post-natal life and support, only pre-natal existence. It took me decades after I left home to be able to say I disagreed with that, and I still won't debate it with family. But this kind of writing calls out the attitudes I see playing out time and time again...

I am glad I was never in the position of having to make a choice, but I am definitely in favor of a woman's right to choose, and have a safe abortion if so decided.

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