Also if you feel like raiding the coasts of Scotland, France, England, and Spain

@cobra Once you've got the big ones, you'll never go back.

Did it ever bother you that emojis are hard to see? On our server, we enlarged them. Yet another reason to make an account on berserker.town.

@trebach @kalikiana Mastodon is broken, so it refuses to display more than 4 attachments, but other ActivityPub implementations will display them.

@trebach @kalikiana There are, in fact, some further modifications.

Emojis have been enlarged, and the limit of 4 attachments has been lifted.

If you wish to live on a Fediverse server that is hosted with a European provider (Hetzner) in a Nordic country (Finland), but isn't for people who live in a particular country, and has some snazzy extra features that stock Mastodon lacks, berserker.town might be the place for you.

The decision to block certain domains has been reversed. There are no longer any domain blocks on this server.


A berserker's gateway to the Mastodon social network. Run by a Norwegian, with servers in Finland.